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Printed banners

Printed banners are an inexpensive, eye-catching way to advertise both indoors and outdoors. From trade shows to weddings, their use is only surpassed by creative possibilities. Depending on how and where you use them, they can last many years or can be used for one-time events like birthdays and anniversaries.

Here are a few reasons why our customers love using vinyl banners for their events:

A variety of styles:

From banners that hang from a storefront to retractable banners and stands, you can choose a style that works best for you. Banners with stands are great for repeat indoor use. For example, trade shows or in-store displays benefit from this type, whereas you might choose a large outdoor hanging banner to advertise your charity event.


If you can design it, we can print it! Our printed banners have rich, bright colours that are designed to stand up to the sun and other elements. This makes them ideal for putting outside of your home or business to catch your visitor’s eye.


Once you’ve designed and printed the perfect banner for your bake sale or your company’s annual picnic, you’ll want to use it over and over again. Luckily, vinyl banners can be incredibly durable, so use them again and again. Many of our customers have a vinyl sticker printed to change the event date and use it again 12 months later.


Getting a professionally-printed banner might be cheaper than you think. Although they look like a million bucks, even huge banners require much less of a monetary investment.

While many businesses and schools utilise vinyl banners, their usefulness doesn’t stop there. For example, you can take them to sporting events, or hang one on the back of your vehicle to indicate that you’re hauling an oversize load. Or perhaps you’d like to use them as directional signs around a construction site, tourist attraction, or neighborhood. If there’s a use for a sign printed banners can meet your needs.

Get the most from your printed banners

Banner Location

The location of the printed banner will have a significant impact on its size, material, color, and messaging. Will the banner be in a window display, at a farmers’ market, sports event, or above the shop door?

Based on the banner placement, it’s crucial to consider what the target audience will be doing when reading the banner. The target audience could be:

  • Standing
  • Sitting on a train
  • Walking
  • Driving
  • At a sports event

How far will the audience be from the banner?

These questions will affect some of the following things:

  • Whether you’ll place the banner horizontally or vertically
  • Banner message font
  • Number of words to include on the banner

You should also consider the background behind the vinyl banner. Will the background be red brick, leafy trees, or white walls? As the client, you may want your printed banner to stand out against the backdrop. The whole thing goes back to capturing the attention of your customers.

Create A Copy

You need to decide what you want people to do after they see the banner. You should include a call to action if that’s what you want.

Be clear regarding the banner’s aim as you put it across to the audience. You may want customers to go into your shop, visit your website, call for a quote or taste your homemade apple pie. Be sure to include a clear and precise call-to-action phrase.







FAQ’s – Printed Banners

How soon can I have my Printed Banners?

The turnaround will depend on the options you choose but can be as fast as 24hrs. Design and artwork will add to the lead times.


What would you recommend for exposed high-wind sites?

  • If you are planning to use outside and there is the possibility of high winds we can supply a mesh banner which allows the wind to pass through it

What different finishing options on banners do you offer?

The most popular additional finishing to a banner is hemming and eye-letting, this gives strength to the banner and allows you to hang the banner easily.
Other finishing options are available including straight-cut and pole pockets.

What Printed Banner sizes do you offer?

There is no standard size, you can choose a size that suits the location of the banner.