Custom packaging and eco-friendly boxes, without having to order in bulk.


Our range of custom packaging is designed to offer a cost-effective solution to our customers. All boxes are fully customisable and come in a range of different sizes and materials - contact our team for prices and more information.

High-quality and eye-catching signage achieves maximum impact for your brand.

Girl working of a design job

Why you should invest in custom packaging

Selling your products online or offline is a challenged for small businesses in a crowded marketplace. Like any market, you’re selling your products to people who come there to buy something. They’re not necessarily coming to the market to buy specifically from you – they’re looking to browse. And your custom packaging can be a fantastic part of your product to convince someone to buy it.

The other problem with selling on an online marketplace, like Etsy, Amazon, eBay or similar, is that customers don’t always remember your brand’s name.

To be honest, fancy packaging isn’t going to solve this problem. But when you deliver or sell your products in custom packaging that’s more than just a plain box, you take a massive step in reminding your customer of your brand name.

Branded packaging, along with a quality unboxing experience, puts your product in the hands of your customer and your brand name at the forefront of their mind.

Empty space

Designing custom packaging for your product is a great way to ensure there’s no wasted space inside your box, it’s crucial to minimise the amount of empty space. Less space means less space for your product to move around in, and it also means less material goes into circulation.


Does your brand have a logo, font, colour palette, and other visual assets you use to identify yourself? Even if you’re just selling for fun, having all the above can really help you stand out and be remembered.

Take your current visual assets and use them on your packaging, don’t go creating entirely new designs just for your packaging.

Know your values

Do you focus on sustainability? Is your emphasis on ‘customisation’? Whatever it might be, these decisions can be echoed in your branding.

With a box that’s customised inside and out, and branding that perfectly represents your products, your brand can’t be forgotten once you get your box in their hands.