We’ll help you make a proper exhibition of yourself



We know that signage, point of sale and using every available space for branding and information in any environment is critical to brand success.

Innovation is required to print on paper, fabric, plastic, substrates, adhesives and wide-format to reach audiences with dynamic graphic art in order to make a lasting impression or achieving an immediate call to action.

Our expanded range of display and signage products include banners, pull up banners, exhibition display, exterior signs, and posters.


We make big outdoor banners, pavement A-boards or massive feather flags for external attraction.

We have installation partners that can tackle any job for your store or offices.


Events vary in size, so do our exhibition options too.

A trade fair, where you want maximum impacts or a sales meeting that needs a backdrop to set the scene?

If you need assistance planning something bigger, just ask.


Made up of two main components — a strong, lightweight, tubular aluminum frame and a printed fabric cover.

These ‘next generation’ displays deliver maximum impact and completely eliminate the problem of visible join lines on larger displays.


Canvas prints make a beautiful elegant decoration for your home or office. You’ve probably admired box canvas prints in a gallery or expensive retailer. Now get the studio look with our framed canvasses.

We’ll print your design – a photo, illustration or signage – then tension it over a wooden frame and attach it to the rear for a neat professional image.


We print big posters, fast and on a range of materials from shiny gloss to Egyptian cotton.

Mounted, laminated, whatever you need.

Ask for low prices on poster frames, window rails and light boxes to display your gorgeous posters in.


Over 60 pages of products and ideas for your exhibitions and displays.

Everything we do from table cloths to deck chairs, flags to gazebos.

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