New Normal Workplace Free Guide

New Normal Workplace Free Guide

Download our FREE New Normal Workplace Guide

Everything seems upside-down, in limbo, somewhere in-between lockdown and life as we once knew it. It’s unlikely there’ll be a return to ‘normality’ anytime soon of course, but there may be light at the end of the tunnel. We want to help you with our New Normal Workplace Free Guide.

Until then, as lockdown is gradually eased, businesses will need to adapt and be prepared. Additionally, your journey towards workplace social distancing will need to carefully consider both for your Clients and your Team.


may have some reticence about a return so you need to do everything you can to help your clients to be safe and to feel safe.


need to feel that their working environment is suitable for a return and be absolutely clear about the new policies.

So, what’s your goal? It might be useful to write down in simple terms exactly what you want to achieve as a starting point. Our guide will give you some guidance on what you should consider and also allows you to record your ideas.

For example;

I want my business to reopen in a safe and practical way.

I want my team and clients to feel safe and to be safe.

I want to be clear about the business plans and policy.

What’s the journey to make those things happen?

Let’s get started.

As well as our New Normal Workplace Free Guide, we’ve added to our collection of essential welfare products designed to get your businesses working safely with Coronavirus/COVID-19, from visors to sneeze-screens, hand sanitisers to floor graphics, our welfare products have been carefully selected to help you work with this government guidance.

All guidance will be uploaded to the gov.uk website and updates related to running a business during the pandemic are available here.

Covid-19 Support Cards Free download

Covid-19 Support Cards Free download

‘I can help’ postcard artwork

This is an unprecidented crisis and we thought we’d do something to try to help. We have made this artwork available to download and print at home.

These postcard-sized leaflets can be printed off at home. Fill them in with your details and hand them out to either elderly or vulnerable people in your neighborhood.

If you are unable to print them off at home you can pick some up free of charge from our stationery shop at 19 Pickwick Road, Corsham SN13 9BQ

Download Artwork Here